What you should know about the knuckle boom crane

What is a knuckle boom crane? For those who are not familiar with the expression, the term is used for a type of crane where the boom, jib, and extension system are foldable. This gives the impression of a folded boom system, compared to regular boom systems, consisting of typically two straight arms. 

What are knuckle boom cranes normally used for?

One of the main features of the knuckle boom design is to reduce the strain on the system during lifts//lifting tasks. For this reason, a knuckle boom crane is very suitable for heavy duty lifting. Therefore, the crane is very popular in businesses such as the haulier business, construction business, transportation business, and many more. 

Because of its clever design, a truck-mounted knuckle boom crane will leave more space available on the truck body for transportation. This is because the crane is placed either right behind the driver’s cab or fitted at the rear of the truck, and designed in a compact fashion, leaving more space available on the truck platform. Obviously, this is a great feature that every haulier will find useful, as it allows them to carry bigger loads. 

Other benefits

It is not only the lifting capacity and the extra space on the body that makes a knuckle boom crane a great choice for almost any industry. It is also known to be very versatile and even easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The combination of strength and maneuverability is good for picking up loads, raise them above obstacles and apply the crane for areas where flexible mobility is essential.

You will also find that the crane can be controlled easily and with remote control, which offers safety for the user. Other safety features are also in place, so that both safety and efficiency can coexist. 

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Renting or buying?

Should you rent or buy a knuckle boom crane? Well, that really depends on the kind of operation you are running. 

If cranes in general are seldomly used, then renting could be the best solution for you. However, if you use the crane often, renting will become too expensive in the long term, and you might want to invest in your own crane.

If you decide to buy a knuckle boom crane, it is well worth knowing that you can take part in the process of designing the crane. More specifically, you can influence the design, so that the truck and crane will be optimal for the tasks at hand. This will ensure better efficiency and provide the best possible tool for your workforce.