A Sweet History of Haribo

Let’s face it – we all love candy! And when it comes to chewy, fruity, and tangy treats, nothing beats the iconic brand known as Haribo. Perhaps you’ve grown up munching on their gummy bears or licorice, or maybe you’ve only tried them recently. Either way, there’s no denying the popularity and legacy of the candy brand. In this blog post, we’ll explore the sweet history behind this German candy company and what sets it apart from its competitors. Follow this link if you want to learn more about Haribo

The History of Haribo

Hans Riegel, Sr. founded Haribo in Bonn, Germany in 1920. Originally, the company was named after its founder – HARibo (HA for Hans, RI for Riegel, and BO for Bonn). Riegel was a trained confectioner and started the business by making hard candies and fruit drops. But in 1922, he invented the first fruit gum candy known as the Gold Bear, which became a runaway success. Today, they sell over 100 million Gold Bears every day, making it one of the best-selling candies in the world. The brands’ popularity isn’t just limited to Germany and Europe; the brand has expanded globally and has become a household name in North America and Asia as well. In fact, Haribo has plants and offices in over 20 countries, proving that the love for gummy goodies transcends borders. What’s fascinating about the candy-making brand is that they use all-natural ingredients, such as fruit juice and carnauba wax, to create their signature flavors and textures. They also use a proprietary technique called the “gumming” process, which involves boiling the ingredients, adding ingredients, and pouring the mixture into molds. This creates the chewy, bouncy consistency that Haribo is known for.

Find Your Favorite Among the Many Haribo Variants! 

From gummy bears to cola bottles, Haribo has countless varieties of sweets, each with unique tastes and shapes. For example, the licorice has a stronger flavor due to the addition of salmiak salt, which is derived from the root of a type of plant. Plus, the chewy texture of the licorice lasts longer than other brands. They also reinvented the classic marshmallow by adding a crunchy sugar coating to it. From its humble beginnings to becoming a global candy empire, this brand has remained a beloved brand for generations. The next time you reach for a bag of Haribo, you’re not only indulging in a sweet treat but also supporting a company that values its customers and the world around us.